Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Juvenile Starling

I was fairly sure this was a juvenile blackbird as I thought I could already start to make out the yellow beak and eye ring forming.  It's main feathers have mostly developed, with just a few tufts of his chick feathers remaining.  But after several discussions on various sites and more investigation it appears to be a juvenile Starling that must have only just fledged.  Starlings are resident all year in the UK.

Male Common Chaffinch

Spotted a Male Common Chaffinch high up in the trees.  The next time I spotted him he had an insect in his beak, there must be a nest close by, or the chicks have fledged but are close by, as both parents will carry on feeding them for several days afterwards.  These lovely colour red birds are resident in the UK.

Common Comfrey

There were a lot of quite large clumps of Common Comfrey growing along the banks of The River Snail in Fordham, Cambridgeshire.  It is also known as True Comfrey, Quaker Comfrey, Cultivated Comfrey, Boneset, Knitbone, Consound and Slippery Root.  It is native to Europe and the flowers are either whiteish cream or blue, I saw both along this stretch of river.

Guelder Rose

The Guelder Rose also known as Water Elder, Cramp Bark,  Snowball Tree and Eropean Cranberry Bush, Viburnum opulus, flowers are now starting to open up.  This shrub is native to Europe and is often planted in the UK as an ornamental. The leaves have three lobes and resemble the Mapel.

Grey Wagtail

We came across this male Grey Wagtail resting on a low bush after flitting along the river collecting bugs.  The Grey Wagtails are resident in UK all year.  The male can be identified by his yellow underparts and yellowish/green rump.


Up until 10 years ago I had always lived in Cambridgeshire, surrounded by the sight and sounds of the Pheasant, but had neve managed to photograph one, other than a very grainy distance shot.  On a recent trip back and whilst out walking along the river bank, we disturbed this one hunkered down in the long grass in front of us.  The noise and the sudden movement made us jump, their wings make such an unusual noida as they fly up.  So ok, not you typical Pheasant shot, but I am quite pleased with the angle and action.

Listening To Nature

This post is different to my normal posts, No Photos!!  After a recent visit to the UK we have decided to move back to the UK from Turkey where we have lived for the past 10 years.  So to help with luggage I left my Canon SLR camera in the UK.  This means that now instead of looking at the wildlife with the view of capturing a photo of it I am now just viewing and listening to it, a refreshing, if slightly frustrating turn of events.

I have to admit I am listening more.  The other morning, just after first light, I was listening to a Tawny Owl hooting and a Great Spotted Woodpecker chirping away.

This morning sitting on the terrace I have been watching a Tree Pipit collecting nesting material.  A Male House Sparrow getting very verbal with a Collard Dove which has perched close to his nest.  The Woodpecker is still chirping away in the distance, broken up everynow and then with its hammering.  The Great Tit pairs are still bombing around the trees collecting insects.  Overhead the Swallows are circling around chirping to each other, and a large flock of Seagulls flew over.  So even though the days are warming up here in Turkey, today's forecast is highs of 35c and we are on the coast, there is still plenty to see and hear.