Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Male Common Blue Butterfly

This is my first sighting of a Common Blue, native to the UK.  The male can be identified by the greyish underside of the wings with a blue smudge at the bottom and the topside of the wings are a iridescent lilac colour with a thin border.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Star Of Bethlehem

On our walks around Cambridgeshire we have seen many clumps of Star Of Bethlehem growing in the verges.

The Star Of Bethlehem is native to the UK and was first recorded back in 1753 when 12 species were recorded.

Family Of Mute Swans

Going for our regular walk along the River Snail, in Fordham, Cambridgeshire, took a little longer than expected a few days ago.

As we arrived at the bridge to then follow a narrow path along the edge of the river we noticed a family of Mute Swans.

Mum, Dad and around 7 cygnets were sitting on the bank.  We stopped to watch them and take some photos and then could not decide which way to go.

As we stood on the bridge taking photos we were very aware that the Male (shown here) was following our every move, it was obvious he was very protective of his family.  Some times he seemed quite relaxed with us, even having a preen and a good scratch.

In this picture you can see the path we wanted to take, ankles being at head height.

We decided to wait it out and eventually Mum decided to go in the water and then slowly, one by one the cygnets followed.

Dad decided to stay on the bank and we thought we would see how he reacted to us know that the cygnets were in the water.  As you can see he was still not happy, so we took a few steps back and waited a bit longer.

That look just says it all.

Eventually Dad decided to join the family, at this point he allowed us to carry on along the path, all be it that he was still watching our every move.

These are such elegant birds and we have so much respect for them that we were quite happy to let them call the shots, it was a pleasure to watch them as a family group.

Birds Eye Speedwell

The Birds Eye Speedwell also known as Germander Speedwell is a species of Veronica, it is native to the UK.  The small flowers are very pretty and unusual in that they have four petals, three larger ones and one smaller one.  They are low growing and creeps along the ground.

Elder Flower

I spotted my first Elder flower of the year.  The flat spray of small, white, flowers, which then go on to produce a clump of deep purple berries, loved by birds, not so loved by car owners who are in the firing line of the purple bird poop produced!  These bushes are native to the UK, the flowers and berries are popular with home brewers.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Song Thrush

I have had a few Song Thrush sightings this last few weeks.  This one was busy breaking into a snail on the path in front of us the other evening.  It was so busy that we were able to get quite close before it darted into the hedge.

The Song Thrush is a resident of the UK, and breeds in forests, parks and gardens.  Its upper-parts are brown, and its buff or cream underparts are spotted black.  The bill has some yellow and the legs and feet are pinkish.

This Song Thrush was singing away on a telephone line overhead on the Moor Road, in Fordham.

This maybe the same bird perched in a tree along the River Snail that meanders across the Moor.

Muntjac Deer

For the last few weeks on our walks along Iron Bridge Path in the village of Fordham in Cambridgeshire, we have spotted a lone Muntjac Deer.  The other evening it was very alert to the sound of some dogs barking in the distance.

This path is popular with walkers and dog walkers, and a lot of people stop on the bridge to look at the ducks but never seem to look up and around them, so I think most people do not know that this little Deer is even here.