Monday, 13 June 2016

Spring Colours Around The Park

Back in late February my Husband and myself took over as Wardens of Roseberry Tourist Park, just outside Willingham in Cambridgeshire.  So we have been fortunate to witness the trees and bushes transform form there bear skeleton like forms to being covered in lush green leaves.  We have also had a brilliant display of spring colour from the various blooms around the site.  I have put together a small selection of photos to show you the wonderful colours.

The perfume coming from these Hyacinths is quite intense especially later in the day.

I have planted up a couple of pots of Panola's, Violas, Primroses and Geraniums which are looking particularly pretty.

These Viola are called Pink Halo.

These Panola are called Beaconsfield a new generation of winter flowering pansies.

The lovely yellow centred Primrose with pinky red petals trimmed with white.

Some beautiful delicate clumps of white flowers growing on this Viburnum are putting on a lovely show.

I am not sure what bush this is but the tiny pink flower are made up of loads of petals.

The majestic Daffodil on a gloomy day.

This shade of pinkish white of these Hyacinths reminds me of cottage gardens, the individual blooms almost look like they are made of plastic.

The centre of a Tulip.

This Tulip has quite pointed petals compared to the previous variety.

I have yet to find out what this bush is but he small purple flower are lovely.

More Tulips this time in pink.

A Hebe with lovely purplish/pink tips.

The Magnolia flower looking slightly brown after being rained on and battered with the wind as a bud.

The trees and hedging around the site are starting to open their buds.

The bright yellow of this Daffodil is certainly attracting lots of tiny beetles.

More of the Hyacinths and Daffodils.

The Red Hot Pokers are starting to show too.

The Caravan Site was once a Pear Orchard with over 1000 trees, today we have around 160 dotted around the site, which are now starting to come into blossom.

The driveway to the site is flanked by some large Eucalyptus Trees some of which have had large limbs removed over the years, the patterns left by the tree rings cracked by the weather are interesting as well as the fungi which has taken over the surface of some.

I had seen Eucalyptus from a distance but never up close so was surprised to see it has quite delicate cream coloured flowers in spring.

The other day my Husband washed the car and then was complaining that it was covered in a fine pink dust.  After much debate as to what could be causing it, the water, shampoo, cloth he was using etc.  I looked around and the Cedar tree that is quite close to where the car is parked was absolutely loaded with pink pollen and every time the wind rustled the branches it looked like the tree was on fire, mystery solved.

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  1. THe spring flowering season is now over here, and I miss it